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Soil Conditioners

Varsha Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of soil conditioners based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Our products are designed to improve soil health and enhance crop yield, using natural ingredients and innovative technology.

We understand the importance of soil fertility, and our soil conditioners are carefully developed to support plant growth and improve soil health. With a team of experienced agronomists and scientists, we are committed to providing the highest quality products to farmers and growers.

At Varsha Biosciences, we are dedicated to helping farmers achieve greater success by providing them with the tools they need to improve their crops and land. So if you’re looking for a reliable and effective solution to enhance your agriculture, look no further.

Varsha Vermirich

Varsha Vermirich Soil Conditioner - Enriched Vermicompost with Earthworm Castings


  • The compost is enriched further by allowing earthworms to inhabit. Earthworms make the compost an organically rich fertilizer.
  • Varsha Vermirich contains organically enriched vermicompost with earthworm castings and eggs. It has more nutrients, plant growth promoting microbes, and enzymes than conventional compost.
  • Verimirich contains cocoons that have earthworm eggs. These become earthworms when they reach the soil. These worms give additional benefits like digesting the dead organic material, increasing soil aeration, and improving the nutrient and water holding capacity of the soil.
  • Therefore, Vermirich has both enriched organic manure and cocoons of the earthworm to make the soil more fertile.


Varsha Promise

Varsha Promise Organic Fertilizer - Contains Organic Carbon, Phosphate, and Nitrogen
  • Varsha Promise is an organic fertilizer. It contains Organic Carbon (7.9%), Phosphate (10.4% as P2O5), and Nitrogen (0.4%). Handling of the product becomes easy since they are available as uniform-sized round granules.
  • We recommend Varsha Promise for soil application as the organic carbon and phosphates in the product are the two important components of healthy soil. It can be used as a standalone or along with Varsha Phosphomax or Rhizodyne. It can also be integrated with conventional fertilizers.

Varsha Biorich

  • The combination of high-quality compost enriched with plant and soil beneficial microbes is the need of the hour for improving the farming benefits.
  • Varsha Bio-Rich contains compost with innumerable plant and soil beneficial microbes that include nitrogen fixers, phosphate solubilizers, and potash mobilizers. There are a minimum of 50 million such microbes with not less than 3% NPK content. The product has about 14% organic carbon.

Methods of application

Seed dressing/ treatment


Wet the required seeds with water or any other natural wetting agent. Sprinkle the powder formulation on the wet seeds. Mix them uniformly. Ensure uniform coating of the material on seeds. Dry it in shade for 2-3h and sow. You may require 10-40 grams based on seed bulk density.


Take the required seeds on a tray and sprinkle the liquid formulation uniformly on the seeds. Dry it in shade for 3-5 hours and sow. You may need to use 10-50ml per kg depending on seed bulk density.

Soil broadcasting

Mix 2-4kgs powder or 250-1000ml of liquid in 50-100kgs of well-decomposed farm yard manure. Blend it well and broadcast on an acre of land. Plough and irrigate in the case of land preparation.  Irrigate the land after broadcasting in the case of the grownup crops.

Soil application through drip

Mix 2-4kg powder or 500ml-1000ml liquid in 100L water and supply the mixture through feeders. Mix the solution once in 10-15 minutes. Irrigate only water for 30-40 minutes after feeding the solution.

Nursery application

It is important to apply the product in the nursery to take the benefit of the product to the main fields also. Prepare the nursery bed. Sprinkle about 100g powder or 50ml liquid after mixing them with inadequate water. Mix the soil well. Level the bed, sow and irrigate.

Seedling treatment

The root of the plant is vital to all growing plants. It is essential to protect the roots from plant pathogens and enrich them with adequate probiotics. Take 500g powder or 100ml liquid in 20L water. Mix well. Immerse the root in the solution for an hour and transplant.