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Varsha Bioscience and Technology India Private Limited is a leading Agri-biotech manufacturer in Central India, renowned for being the best bio-fertilizer company in Hyderabad and one of the top bio-fertilizer companies in India. We manufacture bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, plant growth promoters, and special products of agricultural importance. Our eco-friendly products leave no toxic residues in the environment and are non-toxic to humans. With a strong presence in southern peninsular India, we are expanding our business horizons globally with innovative product developments.

About Us

Varsha Bioscience and Technology promotes green biological products to meet global food safety demands. These biological products leave no toxic residues in the environment and are non-toxic to humans. As the best bio-fertilizer company in Hyderabad, we promote these inputs to regenerate and sustain agriculture holistically, supporting sustainable farming practices and enhancing crop yield.

Our competent R&D team collaborates closely with leading universities and research institutions. Several proprietary formulas developed by our team address novel and effective solutions to meet the global demands of agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, and other environmental sectors. Our products, such as Nitromax bio-fertilizers and Varsha VAM Mycorrhiza, are designed to improve soil health and plant growth naturally, supporting sustainable agriculture and improving crop yield. As the best bio-fertilizer company in Hyderabad, we are committed to providing high-quality, eco-friendly solutions to farmers and growers.


We develop science-backed innovative biological inputs as end-to-end solutions to reduce chemical imprints in nature. These eco-friendly solutions sustain the health of plants, animals, and humans.


Mankind needs safe and nutrient-rich food. We envisage achieving this by supporting the consumers with safe & biologically active formulations that ensure meeting the global food safety demands.


We commit to providing quality products and services that exceed customer satisfaction through dynamic R&D, quality engineering, best workmanship, and the right application techniques.


The promoter of the company, Dr. A. John Peter is a former scientist of ICRISAT and NARDI. During his tenure as scientist, Dr. Peter handled funded research projects of Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Natural Research Institute (DFID), UK and Monsanto Research Center, India. The outcome of the research contribution has been published in peer reviewed National and International journals and books. He was an appointed auditor of International Finance Corporation, USA for two years to audit the Socio-Environmental Practices in crop protection implemented through its franchisees.

With the vast experience gained in agri-biotech, Dr. Peter started this company in the year 2003 with a vision to provide environmentally safe and high-quality bio-products.

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Dr. A. John Peter

Chairman cum Managing Director

Mr. Joseph Basil



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We are proud to be at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, providing eco-friendly solutions that enhance crop yield and promote soil health. Join us in our mission to create a healthier, more sustainable environment.

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