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Bio Fertilizers : Welcome to Varsha BioScience and Technology Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of premium bio-fertilizers based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Recognized as the best fertilizer company in Hyderabad, we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural solutions that enhance soil health and boost crop yields.

Our range of bio-fertilizers are designed to support organic farming and improve plant growth naturally.Our bio-fertilizers are made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients, making them the best choice for sustainable agriculture. Our bio-fertilizers help improve the health of both crops and soil, leading to higher yields and improved soil fertility.

Some of the benefits of using our bio-fertilizers include:

  • Improved soil health
  • Increased crop yields
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Better root development
  • Improved plant immunity

At Varsha Biosciences, we are committed to providing premium bio-fertilizers that meet the needs of farmers and support sustainable agriculture. Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or a large-scale agricultural operation, our bio-fertilizers are the right choice for you. So why wait? Start enhancing the health of your crops and soil today with Varsha Biosciences’ premium bio-fertilizers.


Bio-Fertilizers : Plants need nitrogen for growth, development and reproduction. Nitrogen is available in the soil in the form of minerals and residues of plants and animals through cyclic microbial reactions.

Microbes including Azospirillum, Azotobactor, Rhizobium, Glucanoacetobactors, and Paenibacillus are responsible for supplying nitrogen to plants by using atmospheric nitrogen. These bacteria fix nitrogen through different mechanisms. In addition to nitrogen, they provide innumerable other benefits to the plants listed below.

We would recommend Nitromax since it promotes overall plant growth and other provides other benefits like inducing the plant’s defence mechanism.


Nitro Max (Azospirillum)

Nitromax Bio-Fertilizer - Promotes Plant Growth
  • Efficiently provides nitrogen to crops grown in clay/ partially clay soil & irrigated abundantly and/or most frequently.
  • Recommended for paddy, banana, ginger, turmeric, wheat, corn, pastures, grasses, cane, etc.
  • Synthesize indole-3-acetic acid
  • Makes the plant tolerant to salinity & drought
  • Reduces the infestation of harmful pathogens
  • Organic Certified

Nitro Max (Azotobacter)

Nitro Max (Azotobacter) Bio-Fertilizer for Non-Legume Crops
  • Recommended for non-legume crops that grow with minimum water
  • Azotobacter chroococcum and Azotobacter vinelandii are two recommended organisms for the continuous supply of nitrogen through autolysis
  • Recommended on vegetables, horticulture crops, and crops that are grown with less water.
  • Synthesizes auxin, cytokinin, and gibberellin
  • Partially protects the plants through induced plant defense mechanism
  • Organic Certified

Nitro Max (Rhizobium)

Nitro Max (Rhizobium) Bio-Fertilizer for Leguminous Crops
  • Recommended for leguminous crops
  • Rhizobium and Bradyrhizobium are two available formulations
  • Forms nodules in legumes and supplies nitrogen to plants in the form of ammonia.
  • Synthesizes auxin, cytokinin and gibberellin
  • Continuous supply of nitrogen
  • Induces the plant’s defence mechanism

Nitro Max (Gluconacetobacter)

Nitro Max (Gluconacetobacter) Bio-Fertilizer for Low Nitrogen Soil"
  • Recommended for soil with less nitrogen and no flood irrigation
  • Favorable crops are sugarcane, beetroot, tomato, coffee, pineapple, and carrot.
  • Continuous supply of nitrogen
  • Synthesize indole 3 acetic acid
  • Resists disease-causing plant pathogens
  • Organic Certified

Nitro Max (Paenibacillus spp)

Nitro Max (Paenibacillus) Continuous Nitrogen Supply
  • Paenibacillus durus or Paenibacillus azotofixans are capable of converting atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia.
  • Fixes nitrogen continuously even in the presence of nitrate or ammonia
  • Resists disease-causing plant pathogens
  • Organic Certified

Phospomax (P)

Bio Fertilizer : Phosphate, a key nutrient is proven to help in plant cell divisions, protein synthesis, energy transformations, root growth & plant vigor. Soil contains phosphates both in available and unavailable forms. We also supplement it through synthetic fertilizers, rock phosphates, recycled digested feed, food, guano, and composts.

Phosphomax contains Phosphate solubilizing bacteria, Bacillus megaterium var phosphaticum which is important in secreting organic acids like fumaric, succinic, acetic, gluconic, lactic acids, etc. Phosphomax (P) helps soil convert unavailable forms of phosphate into available forms.

Phospomax (P) Bio-Fertilizer - Solubilizes Phosphates
  • An eco-friendly liquid biological fertilizer
  • Contains Phosphate solubilizing bacteria Bacillus megaterium var phosphaticum
  • Help solubilize the insoluble tricalcium phosphate and rock phosphate in the soil into a soluble form
  • Ensures better root development, nutrient uptake, and thereby vigorous crop growth
  • Saves 25 – 40% in fertilizer cost due to rock phosphate
  • Increase crop yield by 15 – 25 %
  • Organic Certified


Potaz Bio-Fertilizer - Provides Potash
  • The microbial formulation has beneficial potash-providing bacteria. It is available in liquid, powder, and granule forms.
  • Helps solubilize and mobilize the insoluble potassium from the soil to the plants.
  • Regular supply ensures plant growth, vigor, and increased yield.
  • Allows better flower and fruit production.
  • Boosts pests and disease tolerance, and resists drought, chaffy grains, and lodging.
  • Organic Certified

Varsha VAM (Mycorrhiza)

A microbial formulation increasing root surface area in soil, Varsha Mycorrhiza forms a mycelial network with finger-like projections from the root. This network covers the entire soil where normally roots cannot penetrate. Mycorrhiza-associated roots absorb nutrients, minerals, and water more efficiently, and store and mobilize them to the plants compared to other plant roots. Increased seed germination, root growth, plant vital hormones, photosynthesis, and yield are some of the important benefits. It indirectly reduces both biotic and abiotic stresses to plants.

Our formulation has consortia of Mycorrhiza that could withstand various physical and chemical parameters of the soil. We would strongly recommend this product for the betterment of the soil and the plants including trees, gardens, and lawns.

Varsha VAM (Mycorrhiza) - Increases Root Surface Area
  • Continuous supply of micro & macro nutrients
  • Reduces biotic & abiotic stresses
  • Increases the root surface area, nutrient and water absorption
  • Innumerable other benefits
  • Recommended on all crops/ trees
  • Organic Certified


Rhizodyne has microbial consortia that are multi-functional in nature. This amalgamation in the formulation intends to supply major nutrients to the plants. In addition to NPK, Rhizodyne is capable of solubilizing and mobilizing other micro and essential nutrients like iron, zinc, manganese, silica, and magnesium.

Rhizodyne Bio-Fertilizer - Multi-Functional Microbial Consortia
  • Removes fertilizer toxicity
  • Has three sets of microbes
  • Caters to the needs of NPK in the plants by nitrogen fixation, phosphate solubilizing, and potash solubilizing.
  • Organic Certified

Nano Zinc

Nanozinc - Bio Fertilizer
  • Contains Pseudomonas spp.
  • Solubilises and mobilizes the zinc present in the soil to the plants.
  • Allows plant growth promoters.
  • Enhances the overall growth, and disease resistance reduces zinc deficiency in the plants.
  • Recommended for all agricultural and horticultural crops.