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BIO INSECTICIDE Biostorm 1.15%%


Metarhizium anisopliae, is a fungus.

It grows naturally in the soil. It causes disease in various insects by acting as a parasite.

Mode of action:

  • The disease caused by the fungus called green muscardine disease
  • The funguses (spores) come in contact with the insect and germinates the hyphae and penetrate in to the cuticle
  • The fungus then develops inside the body and kills the insect after a few days
  • This lethal effect is very likely aided by the production of insecticidal cyclic peptides (destruxins)

Target crop

Cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruit crops, Cole crops, fiber crops, cut flowers, ornamentals in green houses, nurseries, lawns, landscape etc.

Target pest

Root weevils, plant hopers, Japanese beetle, black vine weevil, spittlebug, termites and white grubs.


  • 500g/acre less than 25 days crop as a seed treatment
  • 750g/acre, in between 26-50 days as a soil application
  • 1kg/acre above 51 days crops as a foliar spray


Effectively control of termites and root grubs, BPH (brown plant hopper) in paddy.