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BIO FUNGICIDES Bhoomika 1%wp


Technical Name

Trichoderma viride 1.0 % WP

Recommended crops

All crops and trees.

Bhoomika (T. viride) is one of the extensively used and promising bio-fungicide. It produces compounds that are fungicidal in nature. It also grows faster than the disease causing fungi and makes the environment unsuitable for the pathogenic fungi to survive. Scientific studies indicate that it is a fungal parasite capable of spreading even at 4-m deep in the soil.


  • Protects the plants from majority of soil borne diseases
  • Most effective against root rot, damping off and wilt
  • In addition to soil application, wine orchard and green pepper growers spray this formulation to prevent the onset of powdery mildew and other foliar diseases.
  • Repeat application is required to protect the crops while using chemical fungicides. In contrast, if the soil is enriched adequately with Bhoomika, we could protect the plants from major plant diseases.

Recommended crops: Bhoomika is recommended to almost all the agriculture, horticulture, green house and forest crops/ plants.

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